WhatsApp users to receive green badge of verification, here’s how you get it

WhatsApp users to receive green badge of verification, here’s how you get it

WhatsApp launched its Business app last month to support small and medium scale enterprises in India, UK, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, and the United States. The Facebook-owned chat app offers business-centric features and tools to help businesses have a presence on chat app, grow itself and communicate efficiently with customers. The chat app is available on Play Store for download and it’s free. The company has said that the app is also being tested in its beta version in several other parts of the world.

While it has been a month that the app has been around, a new feature has started showing up in the app. WhatsApp is rolling out green badge of verification to the Business app. The verified badges are being assigned to select accounts.
The chat app is giving green badges after it has verified the contact information of the business. The verification bade is something similar to Twitter. It is given to make the account look more trustworthy to its contacts.

However, there’s nothing that can be done from your side to earn this badge. The chat app, apparently has its own verification method. The chat app verifies the account based on its own parameters and then assigns the green badge. This means you will not get the green badge by just installing the app. Instead WhatsApp will take its own sweet time to verify your account and then assign you the badge.

“You have to do nothing to get the verified badge on WhatsApp: you mustn’t send a request to WhatsApp, you mustn’t ask them to have it and sending to them some documents that demonstrate that your business exists and it’s real is totally useless,” WABeta reports.

WhatsApp Business app comes with business-focussed features like option to create a business profile, Away messages to inform your contacts when you are unavailable, landline/fixed number support and more. You can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone, but each app must have its own unique phone number. Just like the normal WhatsApp, you can use the WhatsApp web feature for your business app too.




Source by:- indiatoday