Google app’s new features and how to access them

Google app’s new features and how to access them

The Google app for Android and iOS has undergone several changes in the last few months. The layout has been redesigned, Google cards have been replaced with more dynamic Personalised feeds, updates from emails, calendar, and travel time show separately in the Upcoming section. The not-so-popular features such as Tappable Shortcuts, which added a bunch of easily identifiable shortcuts on the homepage for quick access to apps and activities, was recently dropped from the Google app.

Here are some of the recently added features in Google app that make it more useful than before.

Edit screenshots

Google recently added the option to act upon screenshots without having to open a photo editing app separately. The moment a user captures a screenshot, the Google app will show options to edit, share and delete right underneath it. To access this feature, users need to sign up for the beta version of the app and then enable the option in Google Settings->Accounts & Privacy->Edit and share screenshots. This can speed up things after taking screenshots.

Autoplay video previews

the Google app can auto play video previews when users are on WiFi connection. This means users can get a preview of a video on Google search without having to tap on them. This is different from regular playback and will only show a few scenes from the video so users won’t have to play the entire video. Users can enable the feature in Google Settings->Video->Autoplay.

Voice command works offline

The Google app now allows users to use voice commands such as “what is my ETA” or “when is the next turn” while using Offline Maps for navigating from one place to another. The option to navigate when online was already available. Users don’t have to press any button to take advantage of the feature in offline mode. Just say “Ok Google” and speak out the commands

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